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Srishti-2022   >>  Poem - English   >>  The Mystery of Pain

The Mystery of Pain

Who am i
What am i 
What has happened to me
How can i tell you
I am doomed yet saved. 
I am a survivor, but i am also someone's inspiration. 
I am incomplete but that person completes me. 
I am like a sunrise and she is like sunset. 
I am in wandering but she like destination with peace. 
If I am in trauma then she is my medication. 
If I am a devotee then she is my goddess. 
But there isn't any reason for my pain. 
I feel a little angry with myself too. 
Everything started a lifetime ago, 
it will be there always & forever. 
I'm lost and It's heart wrenching, 
How do i say that to her, 
How to understand her that,
I'm Incomplete without her. 
My life is a unfinished tale without her. 
Her tantrums are the treasures hidden in my story.
She is like all those words that never fall out of my mouth, without them everything seems lifeless and empty
Her presence gives me that solace. 
She is like that beautiful feeling. 
People say you never gets your true love. 
That's a dream not reality, 
Like the moon never slides on earth
God which never belongs to anyone specific.
I think about this in the darkest hours. 
Manifesting a conflict with my inner self asking, 
What if we don't meet forever? 
In return i find myself alone. 
Because whatever I am, 
I am because of you. 
You taught me the meaning of love. 
You taught me how to face reality. 
You made me fall in love with you, 
by confessing your love for me. 
I was with you in every part of your life and 
You made me feel how beautiful this world can be by getting along with someone. 
You taught me how to live gracefully with pain. 
I always found a better person in me. 
That better person is you my love. 
In my life, even in me, 
You exist more than me. 
I'm there because of you, 
There is nothing without you. 
I question myself every night
Who am i? 
What am i? 
What happened to me? 
How can i tell you? 
One day I'll find myself and I'll find you

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