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About Us

Prathidhwani is a not for profit Welfare Organization of IT Employees – Kerala. It was formed with the multi-dimensional vision of contributing to the cultural, technical and social welfare of our society.


We plan to organize various programs to promote our rich cultural heritage. Through these events, the techies get an opportunity to explore and present their cultural vibrance.


The technical group of Prathidhwani conducts sessions and training programs for employees to beat obsolescence and keep pace with the technological progression and their applications.


There are many colleagues who wish to lend a helping hand to the needy. Prathidhwani plans to facilitate this objective through genuine relief work teams.


Prathidhwani will serve as a forum for employees to interact, build value on each other’s ideas, and strengthen the quest for knowledge. It will act as a platform to bridge the gap between the engineer’s brain and the artist’s. Therefore, we can develop a keen sense of responsibility towards the society.


Prathidhwani welcomes everyone to be a part of this journey.