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Srishti-2022   >>  Short Story - English   >>  COVID 19, I was pleased by you once!

Neethu Jayan

Cognicor Technologies

COVID 19, I was pleased by you once!

I always wonder what makes a man fall in love with the same person again and again. It could be an urge to feel something that we always left untouched and unexplored. Or is it always because we are nurturing and evolving like the so-called COVID 19 virus. And we are always in an urge to survive along with that, in every phase of our life. Wait!!  Am I really comparing LOVE with COVID 19?? Of course, I think yes. When the whole world is disappointed with the outbreak of a deadly virus, I am sure there are a few of us who fell in LOVE with this beautiful beast at least once during the past 2 years. Let me tell you why!!

First of all, it could be something like we are in love with a person and there will be 100 evident reasons to deny it, but we are always behind that baseless, clouded reason to say "Yay!! this is my true LOVE". Was it because they have this super power to stick on to your memory to wipe out all the dismissive reasons and very intelligently sense only the best of it always?? Well, I am here with the best side of it because the obstructive sides are in your head 24/7. Even if not, there are others who make sure that it is getting injected into your brain, adhering to the dosage 1-1-1 minimum. Let's come back to the point.

- Covid outbreak brought at least some of us back to our HOME. Home is not just a physical existence; it can be your memories too. Where the real you is once deeply rooted, nurtured and bloomed. It's okay, if you find it difficult to recollect, talk and behave like before. You are always LOVED because you are back in your HOME, my love. You are much needed in this space at least once in a while.

- We did many things during this time just like we are doing it for the last time. Because we were really scared of getting a second chance. And at least once, you nailed it, my love. It could be a trip to your favorite destination, a talk to your most loved and yet declared enemy kind of person, a proclamation of your untold love and it could even be your first kiss. 

- Most importantly we started missing people. I know many who are losing their chances to meet their loved ones. It's okay, my love, this is just a phase. You are in the process of rebooting your life and the core will always remain the same no matter where you are and what you are up to. After all, it's a deep realization that you are lucky enough to miss and get missed by someone.

- And here comes the most exciting part, we are among that privileged group who always have the hope of reading the message at the end of every month- “Your salary of xxxx is credited to your bank account xxx….”. Wasn’t it exciting, my love?? WFH doesn’t always suck. It is what made us become one among that so-called privileged group. At least your brain is still working and well, that's an indication that you are still alive.

- And for all the smart people who took this break as a chance to rejuvenate your entire body and get back to your ideal measurements, you rocked and you are loved. And those who didn’t and are still in the search of finding the perfect time and motivation, it's okay you are still someone’s favorite Teddy bear and you are most LOVED.

- You might also feel like the number of people around you has exponentially decreased. But you have the most refined, fine tuned and processed ones. They are gems, you just hold them tightly. Well, COVID also made it easier for you, my love.

So I hope it's okay to compare LOVE with COVID 19. Because both are contagious and it perfectly syncs, at least sometimes. It brought us back to our lost memories; it made our special moments more intense; it made us feel missed and lost sometimes. And my dear COVID, you were loved at least once by many of us. But please don't exploit it because, as someone said, the demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions. And you have had enough already!!

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