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Srishti-2022   >>  Poem - English   >>  Uprising of bastards

Uprising of bastards


Everywhere you find them

left to right and top to bottom

Grabbing the bribes from the dens of hell

to the house of heaven denying justice

everywhere you find them


They came in white with the feather of an angel

snatch your truth and reality.

everywhere you find them

left to right and top to bottom


They corrupt your mind ,feed on your fear

drag you to the pit of darkness and misery

mutate you to one of them ,a bastard.

everywhere you find them

left to right and top to bottom


Afraid of the will power, afraid of the light

afraid of reality, afraid of a smile

running from the truth, hiding from kindness

digging the holes of lies

everywhere you find them

left to right and top to bottom.


Fuse with every colour and group

run with every blood

walk with every sins

everywhere you find them

left to right and top to bottom.


Truth is the key,wisdom is the weapon

smile is the shield,will is the army

light is the warrior angel,

everywhere you find them

left to right and top to bottom.



Everywhere you find them

left to right and top to bottom.

But does it matter ?

,no it doesn’t matter because

some created the god,some created the devil,some are powerful beings

some can crush them and have for dinner

defend their uprisings ,enjoy the dreams.

Srishti-2022   >>  Poem - English   >>  Camaraderie


On this mesmerizing winter evening

as the sun sinks below the skyline

I sunk deep into my fond memories

The brush-like strokes on the sky

changing its tone from light to rich shades

and painting new colours to my life's canvas

A long journey in my memory lane

leading to the long roads lit by the moon

making its strides as marvelous as stars

Never agonizing about the destination

nor anguishing about the hurdles to cross

as no road is long with a comforting company,

which is cherished more than the journey or destination!

Srishti-2022   >>  Short Story - English   >>  Miss Scrum Master

Miss Scrum Master

Miss Scrum Master who recently completed her Scrum Master certification was chosen to travel to Mr. Billionaire's client location for a new digital transformation project, and she had to report at the client's office in two weeks' time. It was an exciting opportunity, but it was too soon for her to prepare. But as you know "Opportunities never knock twice". They are like sunrises and if you wait too long, you will miss them, and she could not afford to lose something as important as this. Therefore she decided to pull herself together and did everything in her ability to get this moving.

She reported to Mr. Billionaire's office as planned, and began working there. Coordinating with everyone in this newfound atmosphere was more difficult than she expected, as everyone had their own hidden agendas. Tools were obsolete and processes were not followed by the employees there. It was getting tougher for her.

This happened during a project review meeting which was scheduled to come up with some major decisions. People who were invited did not turn up on time. Mr. Jugaad who was the client-side Delivery Manager who spent most of his time on stocks day-trading at the office came to the conference room.

Miss Scrum Master complained in a low voice, "I am sad that people are not following processes here."
He raised his eyes from the laptop screen and murmured, "What do you think you are here for?" And then he continued working on his laptop.

That made her think! "True!, I would not have gotten this opportunity to work here if all processes were followed by everyone. I need to make a difference soon!"

She walked up to the COO's office and requested him to join the meeting. He was surprised and happy that someone is taking the initiative to bring people together!
She presented the current state of the project and requested everyone's suggestions for the next steps. It was a fruitful meeting and she came out of the conference room smiling and thanking Mr. Jugaad for nudging her to think in a positive direction!

From then whenever she had a thought of complaining about a bad situation, she started turning it around as "What can I do to make a difference in this situation!"

Yes, instead of complaining, if we all can think of a solution to that problem, however small that may be, the world will be a better place!

Srishti-2022   >>  Article - English   >>  Changing work culture after covid

Changing work culture after covid

They say that necessity is the mother of invention! COVID-19 has taught us that lesson once again.

During the recent global health crisis, it had been crucial to rapidly innovate so that we can fulfill people’s needs and resolve issues quickly.
Technology’s role in this effort was undeniable. We understood the need to stay safe and contactless, and we’ve found myriad innovative ways to continue working, learning, and solving household needs. Organizations quickly adapted to work from home mode so that business is not impacted much.

  • Education has changed dramatically with e-learning, with teaching taking place remotely on digital platforms.
  • Online shopping has become the predominant way of buying essentials.
  • Contactless digital transactions are the need of the hour.
  • Virtual meetings are the new normal for ensuring business continuity.
  • Resilient organizations were able to quickly course-correct with work-from-home options and they continued the business as usual.
  • organizations developed skills that enable employees to take care of multiple opportunities for their career development.
  • Companies looked for opportunities to reduce infrastructure costs and focused on collaboration between people, as human skills were needed wherever AI/robots cannot help.

As mentioned earlier, the speed of recovery from any crisis is a crucial factor for business survival. Tech-driven innovation helped us accelerate the revival and made post-COVID life seamless. Here are a few areas that are primed for a leap forward.

Imagine learning history and geography by virtually exploring historical places, studying the various phenomena on Earth, and virtually touring foreign countries while staying at the comfort of your home.

This can engage our students better and help them fall in love with learning. Skillful integration of games and immersive elements has shown increased engagement and motivation toward learning — especially among younger students.

AR and VR additionally empower learners to explore and learn at their own pace. A recent article published by the World Economic Forum shows that the integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated, and online education will eventually become an integral component of school education.

Today, AR is being widely used in healthcare facilities for several applications such as vein visualization, surgical visualization and training. In addition to making medical subjects more accessible to students and residents, AR aids in surgery planning and treatment and helps explain complex medical situations to patients and their relatives.

Everyone is familiar with the virtual assistants Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and more. The more AI solutions we develop, the better we’ll be able to focus on our core work and leave busy time-intensive rote tasks to the machines. By digitizing repetitive tasks, enterprises can cut costs and eliminate human errors, thereby improving efficiency leading to better results.

Outbreaks like the coronavirus will continue to be a threat for healthcare providers and public health institutions. By harnessing big data and AI to predict and forecast epidemics, and source medical supplies, we can possibly mitigate the impact of such pandemics. AI can also help us in agriculture, retail, shopping, security and surveillance, sports analytics, manufacturing, inventory management, healthcare, logistics autonomous vehicles, and more.

Wearable tech devices like smartwatches help people accomplish their fitness resolutions and also allow them to receive rapid alerts about any sudden health issues or concerns. These tech gadgets are already part of our fashion statement and wearable tech will continue to be one of the most exciting businesses. Whether it’s via smartwatches, smart jewelry, smart glasses, smart clothes, implants in the user’s body or even tattoos on the skin, we are seeing changes in the way we wear and interact with technology.

That’s not to mention swallowable medical devices (like wireless camera pills for diagnosis and surgery) and brain-computer/mind-machine interfaces (that enable bidirectional information flow), all of which are on their way!

While all other industries reap the fruits of advanced technology, the real estate sector is sure to follow. From blockchain to VR home tours, technology is reimagining the real estate industry for the better. Already, more than 70 percent of today’s buyers search for homes online.

Blockchain can also disrupt a related industry: banking. When it comes to huge financial transactions in the property sector and real estate sales, blockchain technology enables the parties involved to seamlessly and securely transact funds without the need for intermediaries like banks. Blockchain can bring improved security, efficiency, and transparency to real estate transactions.

A global economic outlook report by PwC estimates that, by 2050, the world economy could more than double in size due to technology-driven improvements. Several ecosystem players are looking at innovative solutions to solve current problems, and achieving that level of innovation will require a willingness to fail and learn.

Businesses cannot function without constant communication and connections. Cross-sector collaboration will be essential if we hope to come back from the current crisis. By identifying the problem — or the opportunity, some might say — we can deploy our human imagination,  unwavering determination, continuous testing, and technological innovation to overcome and succeed.

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