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"Srishti-2014" - Creative writing contest for technopark employees

srishti 2014



“The writers who have the deepest influence on one are those one reads in ones more impressionable, early life, and often it is the more youthful works of those writers that leave the deepest imprint.” Observed J. M. Coetzee, famous writer and booker prize winner. Prathidhwani – Socio cultural organization of technopark is inviting you to be part of such an event to create youthful literature. It is Shristi -2014, the creative writing contest in English and Malayalam for Poetry, Short story and Essay.  Contest will be open to all technopark employees.


Its the first time in the history of technopark, such an event is being celebrated and is expected to bring out the creativity in techies as a culturally active society will be more sensitive to humanity and social issues. There are many active bloggers, writers and poets int he technopark community who are waiting for a platform to excel. Eminent Judges will evaluate the entries and there will be prizes for 1st and 2nd  positions in each category in both languages. DC books is partnering in this initiative with Prathidhwani. We welcome all techies to showcase their skills in this “creative writing contest”.  Please refer below the detailed guidelines.  

Guildelines for "Srishti-2014"



1) The contest is open to technopark employees of all phases.

2) Creative writing must be an original work in the form of a poem, short story or essay.

3) Entries should be either in english or malayalam.

4) All entries must be submitted online to, by no later than 15th of August 2014.

5) Only individual participants are allowed.

6) Only one entry per category may be submitted by an individual.

7) All entries which are eligible for judgement will be listed out in the website after August 10th and readers will be given the privilege to vote for the best (Yes, a readers choice award !!!).    



The entries should be emailed with the following subject lines for each categories. 1) Poem - "Srishti Poem English/Malayalam <your fullname>" eg: "Srishti Poem Malayalam Suresh Kumar" 2) Short story - "Srishti Story English/Malayalam <your fullname>" eg: "Srishti Story English Suresh Kumar" 3) Essay - "Srishti Essay English/Malayalam <your fullname>" eg: "Srishti Essay Malayalam Suresh Kumar"  


ENTRY RULES: 1) Entries should be in unicode format. 2) Do not send the story/poem/essay as an attachment. Cut and paste the content in body of the e-mail. 3) Maximum length for each category:- Poetry - 60 lines Short story - 4,000 words Essay - 3,000 words   ESSAY TOPIC: English - "Benefits, Longevity and Life after  IT Job. Malayalam -"

"  Stories and poems can be on any theme. AN ENTRY MUST ALSO HAVE:

1) Title of entry

2) Participant's full name

3) Company name

4) Participant's mobile number

5) Participant's email address Be sure your name and other details are at the top of the submission.  


CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST DEADLINE: Rush in your entries by 15th of August, 2014.  

WINNING ENTRIES: Winning entries will be notified via telephone and email by 25th of August 2014, by the Prathidhwani team.

The winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony which will be conducted by the end of August.    

JUDGING: The judging panel will comprise persons of eminence in literature & creative writing.  The decisions of the judges are final.  

PRIZES: Prizes will be given for 1st and 2nd positions in each category and language as judged by the Jury. Along with the jury prizes, entries that were voted best by the readers via online will also  be awarded.  Decision to publish in website for voting shall only be with the organising committee.  

FOR QUESTIONS/DOUBTS, CONTACT:  Ajith Anirudhan - 9947806429 ( Short Story) Joshy A.K. - 9447455065 ( Poetry) Anoop Varghese Kuriappuram - 9446753935 ( Essay )