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Sri.P Vijayan IPS handed over the Prathidhwani Education Scholarship to the students

PES 2015

Sri.P Vijayan IPS handed over the Prathidhwani Education Scholarship to the students. Prathidhwani, the Socio-Cultural Organization of Technopark Employees, initiated an education support programme called Prathidhwani Education Scholarship Scheme ( PES 2015 ) to help excellent students from poor financial background. Official inauguration of the program - PES held at Park Center of Technopark on 14th October 2015. The PES 2015 was inaugurated by Sri P Vijayan IPS. The selected 51 students along with their parents attended the function and received the first term scholarship of Rs.6000/- (First 2 quarters). The total scholarship amount is Rs.24000/- Among the 117 shortlisted students, Prathidhwani is able to identify 51 sponsors even though the program targets 25 eligible students. All the selected students, their parents and sponsors were present in the function. We got a good response for the campaign and few more people interested to help the students which in turn will increase the reach of the Scholarship to more students.


In the inaugural speech, Sri. P.Vijayan IPS motivated the students to dream high and work towards achieving their goals. He also emphasized our responsibility as a citizen to contribute back to the society. He made sure to meet and chat to each student individually. Technopark CEO Sri. Girish Babu was present in the event and in his speech, he expresses his great happiness in seeing all the noble events conducted by the organisations like Prathidhwani in side Technopark. Inspired by the vision and mission of the program, he announced a sum of Rs.5 lakhs to the PES 2015 programme that can help us to include 21 more students to the scheme in addition to the current count. This is a big surprise to all of us. This shows us how much committed is Park Centre, Technopark towards the society. He mentioned the good social activities conducted inside Technopark and how we influence the society through our good deeds. He ensured all his support for the future programes. Prathidhwani secretary Rajeev Krishnan presided the function. Vineesh T delivered welcome speech and Shafeena conveyed thanks to everyone. Vineeth Chandran invited each students to stage and Sri P Vijayan, Sri Girish Babu, our sponsors Smt Parvathy N Pillai from eWIT, Smt Prabha N Pillai, iTraitz CEO Sri Tigy Thankachan, Sri Anas, Polus Software MD Sri Abhilash G S, Sri Shagin from Natana?, Sri Syagin from Techversant etc handed over cheque’s to 51 students. Prathidhwani President Sri Bijumon handed over our prathidhwani’s momento to Sri P Vijayan and Sri Raneesh A R portrayed Sri P Vijayan’s life before the inauguration. This is indeed a proud moment for Prathidhwani ( Socio -Cultural Organisation of Technopark Employees) and Technopark community, it again proves that we are part of a society and and how committed are we towards our society. Prathidhwani would like to register our sincere gratitude to all our well wishers and sponsors who helped us in making this programe a grand success.