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Prathidhwani’s Women’s day special skit "EOD (End of Day )" released in YouTube


Prathidhwani’s  Women’s day special skit "EOD (End of Day )"  released in YouTube 


Each year with the approach of Women's day all possible praises  will be showered on women comparing her with Goddesses, her role in society- isn't it deceitful to say all these without any sincerity in our deeds and actions ? Amongst all these compliments there is a large section of women in our society who works from dawn to dusk either to win bread or to facilitate her dear and near for a better living.


But we have a new learned and sensible society emerging with in us. A society that works or are a part of some of the sunshine industries say IT industry. What is the society's approach to Women in IT industry?  What all challenges  a woman faces in her day as a techie from morning to evening is depicted with sincerity in "End of Day - EOD"  a short drama conceived and performed by Prathidhwani – Socio Cultural Organisation of Technopark Employees. 


"EOD" was performed on stage on the occasion of International women's day celebrated in Technopark on 2016 March 8th under the aegis of eWIT ( Empower Women in IT ) and Technopark.  The skit is released in you tube today.  The 15 minutes skit is conceived and directed by Jophin Vargheese. 


Please see below the YouTube link below.



We,  Prathidhwani request all Technopark Employees to see the skit and share your valuable comments.