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Prathidhwani Qisa 2016 - Screening held on #Dec3(Saturday 8.30am to 7.30pm) @ Travancore Hall Parkcentre Technopark.

qisa 2016

Prathidhwani's Qisa Film Festival (PQFF 2016) - for IT Employees Kerala - awards announced yesterday by Jury Chairman Shri. M.F. Thomas. Jury members Shri. Sanal Kumar Sasidharan and Smt. Sreebala K. Menon were present


Best Film - "Conscience 2 – Aanum Pennum" directed by Vishnulal Sudha(Envestnet Technopark)

Second best film - "Paambum Koneem" directed by Mohamed Sohal(TCS infopark)

Best director - Vishnulal Sudha(Envestnet Technopark) for the film "Conscience 2 – Aanum Pennum"

Best Screenplay - Mahesh Haridas(Quest Technopark) for the film "Paambum Koneem"

Best Actor award shared by
Rahul - For the Film "Bapa" directed by Krishnadas(Envestnet Technopark)

Zhinz - For the Film "100" directed by Linse Antony(UST Global Technopark)

Sajith - For the Film "1810" directed by Abin Philip(Allianz Technopark)

Jury mentions
"1810" directed by Abin Philip(Allianz Technopark)

"Mattoru Katha" directed by Mridul George(Visual IQ Infopark)

"Immini balya bomb katha" directed by Jophin Vargheese(UST Global Technopark)

"F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions" directed by Vishnu Soman(Allianz Technopark)

"Troll Life" directed by Rahul Riji Nair(TCS Infopark)

Award distribution ceremony on December 8th, Thursday at Travancore hall. Famous malayalam director Sri Jayaraj will be the chief guest. We request all film lovers to Travancore hall on 8th December.