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Prathidhwani organized 'candle light vigil' on Thursday, 27th December 2012


Prathidhwani organized ‘Candle light vigil’ on Thursday, 27th December 2012 expressing solidarity with the gang rape victim in Delhi, an incident that has shocked and angered the nation, a candlelight vigil was held on Thursday evening at the TechnoPark Park Centre complex on behalf of the TechnoPark community. Braving the rain, techies mainly women came out and marched from the Main Entrance to the gathering point with placards and banners demanding for greater protection of women in our country. Justice D Sreedevi, former Chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission lighted the lamp and Mr.M Vasudevan, Sr Manager TechnoPark facility addressed the meeting. The participants urged the government and the police to ensure the rights of women and demanded swift and exemplary punishment for the culprits. The participants took the pledge  that "I being a human being realize that women in India and around world suffer discrimination on the basis of gender. I also realize that rape and other forms of aggression against women are part of this discrimination. I condemn the gang rape of 23 yr old women in Delhi and the general violence against women that are coming to light every day. To put an end to this, I pledge that I myself would not indulge in any form discrimination against women. And I would not remain silent when I see or hear or experience any form of discrimination against women." ………………………………………….. “   Image removed.