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Prince Marathanda Varma (PMV) Higher Secondary School cleaning accomplished by Prathidhwani

PMV cleaning

It was dirty,stinking and demanded hell lot of effort. But, who cares! An army of enthusiastic energetic 49 youngsters with shovels, broomsticks, brushes, mopes in hands, 6 long hours, and the result was amazing.

PMV school Peringara is one of the flood affected schools in Thiruvalla. Prathidhwani volunteers landed there as part of "Clean Kerala Campaign". Prathidhwani, Welfare organization of IT employees in Kerala was part of campaign to clean the flood affected areas on 26th August 2018.

When the doors were opened it was like, a cake topped with chocolate icing. 6 hours of brushing, sweeping, washing and mopping. Rooms and furniture back in shape.

Team Prathidhwani cleaned class rooms, Computer Lab, Science Lab, Office Room and Kitchen of Prince Marthanda Varma High School. The mission completed by 6'O clock. We also cleaned one house near by school.

We also ensured that our team of volunteers are immunized before investing their time on cleaning.

Event was concluded by a wonderful speech by Smt. Sasikala, Head Mistress, PMV. The school authorities were so impressed by the voluntary activities by Prathidhwani and expressed their gratitude towards the young IT Employees.

Please see below list of IT volunteers who attended the cleaning program

1. Prasanthi Pramod
2. Ganesh Harshan
3. Supriya Gandhi
4. Pardeep Singh
5. Adity Gupta
6.Unnimaya K
7.Vani MDR
8.Soumya Mary thomas
9.Shamly T Shaji
10.Sam John
12.Magi Y Vasundharan
13.Sajin Abdhul Salam
14. Satheesh Kumar
15.Don Bosco
16. Arun Viswanath
17. Kiran EY
18. Sachin
19. Aswathy Satheesh
20. S. Paramasivan
21. Santhosh Thomas
22.Suresh .A
23. Srinivas
24. Kiran A S
25. Praveen Vazhayilkudy
26. Vipin Kv
27 Suraj K
28. Zafer A M
29.Muhammed Aneesh
30. Anees
31. Sachin
32. Jinu Jose
33.Anand Sukumaran
34. Roji George
35.Mathew Roy
36. Johnson K Joshi
37. Sreeni
38.Ajith Anirudhan
40. Adarsh C S
41.Madhavan Namboodiri
42. Vishnu Rajendran
43.Arun R Nair Nandu.
44.Sankar Nair
45.Swathy Sankar
46.Anand Balachandran
47 Vishnu V V
48 Sonoop R Nair
49 Bipin Alex