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Periodicals Campaign for Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP)

Periodicals Campaign for KSSP

Image removed. Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP) is a voluntary organization working in Kerala. Founded in 1962,it has grown into a mass movement with a membership over 40,000, over the past five decades. “Science for social revolution” is the motto of KSSP .This motto was set up realizing the fact that a privileged minority was monopolizing the benefits of science and technology and it results for their own profit at the expense of the majority. KSSP chose as its mission, the challenge of arming the people with the tools of science and technology so that they can reverse this process. The activities of KSSP are of mainly three types: Agitations, Educational activities and constructive. The areas which KSSP prioritize are environment, health, education, energy, literacy, gender, micro planning and development in general. KSSP's another major contribution is in publishing science books in Malayalam with more than 700 titles already published. Eureka,Sasthra Keralam and Sasthragathi are the periodicals published by KSSP. Eureka is published fortnightly and the other two are published monthly. Started publication in 1970,Eureka has been the best science fortnightly published in malayalam. Stories,poems,songs,essays etc related to science are given utmost importance in Eureka with an objective to create scientific temper and awareness in the minds of the younger generation. Eureka is meant for the students of Primary classes(upto 7th) and Sasthrakeralam is for the high school students.Vinjanolsavam (festival of knowledge), an activity oriented examination conducted every year throughout kerala for the readers of Eureka and sasthrakeralam is the only one of its kind in the country. Sastragathy can be described as the only science magazine published in malayalam for the reading of the grown up people .Both Sasthrakeralam and Sasthragathy have been published for more than 45 years without fail. The annual subscription of Eureka is Rs.250 and that of Sasthrakeralam and Sasthragathy are 150 each. Prathidhwani request technopark employees to make this campaign a success. For booking your copy, please contact Jaya Kumar - 9947711388 Sunil Kumar - 9496293299 Subscribers, please send the address to ( this email id.