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Osyeth - Movie Preview - Sunday, July 19 at 8:45am - Nila Theater in Trivandrum

Osyeth - Movie Preview - Sunday, July 19 at 8:45am - Nila Theater in Trivandrum The idea of Osyeth started back in 2012, when Aabid and Kiran won 'The best Director' award in the first ever short-film competition " Qisa 2012" held in Techno Park by Prathidhwani, the socio-cultural organization of Technopark Employees. The award was more than a recognition, it provided a platform to meet more like-minded people within Technopark and outside. Although not very knowledgeable in creating movies, all of them wanted to learn, understand, and most of all, experience the magic of Movie making. All seemed to agree that the best way to learn is to go ahead and actually do one. Image removed. The movie was to be based on the book 'The Hound of Baskerville' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This book was the basis for a no. of English movies in the past. But this would be a first time attempt in Malayalam. In its favor, the book was in Public Domain, had a fairly low no. of characters and best of all, had a thrilling story! GCK Potti took up the responsibility of writing the script. He would write a few chapters worth, have a reading session, discuss, take suggestions, re-write, re-read, so and so forth. In short, about a month into writing, script was ready. Image removed. The team had devised elaborate plans to reduce the cost of the movie. Most noteworthy ones include The Home made Steady cam, Track and Trolley & Jib made by GCKP. These were his pet projects, figuring out how these things work from internet , making use of whatever raw materials was available , and using his own little tricks to make things work. Another noteworthy one would be the 'SMD light panel' by Abhayadev, a versatile engineer who also catered to all the electrical needs for the production team. This light panel was very cost effective and served as the main light source for most part of the movie shooting. Shooting was carried out using SLR cameras owned by the team members. To make sure that the team makes the most out of location and time schedules, multiple camera's were used simultaneously. Abhay also converted the better part of his home to what he calls 'AStudio' where a huge chunk of post-production activities were carried out. Most of the post production tasks like dubbing, editing ,3D animation etc., made use of open-source applications like Blender, Reaper and Ardour. Right from pre -production until certification as a ' Feature film' by CBFC , the materialization of the movie Osyeth was a long and arduous task. A lot of individuals took part in propagating the movie through its various stages, most of them employees of various companies of Technopark. Actors include Kuleen, Vinu, Sambhu, Anand, Rohit, Ramesh, Arun, Sukanya, Subha. Nikhil NR of the band 'Chaos' tuned the songs, Sherin wrote the lyrics and were sung by Hridhya. BGM was done by Jackson Vijayan, Direction, Editing and grading by Kiran and Aabid, Recording by Abhay and 3D Visuals in Blender by GCKP. Over 2 years in the make, the movie is finally being released on 19th July 2015. Preview will be conducted at Nila Theater Trivandrum. Visit the fb page of Red Ray productions for details. Image removed.