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Nepal Relief Fund : Prathidhwani Collected Rs. 3,65,750

Overwhelming Response to Prathidhwani’s  “Help Nepal” campaign

“Calamity is the perfect glass wherein we truly see and know ourselves” told William Davenant.True to this quote, In the time of Nepal Calamity ;Prathidhwani collected  INR. 3,65,750/-  (in NPR 585173/-) for Depositing in Nepal Prime minister Disaster Fund. Prathidhwani  collected amount through coupons and by an enthusiastic mass collection as well. Coupons were printed in denominations like 100,200 and 500. Image removed.   There was good response from Technopark employees, with collection steadily raising over days.Lot of like minded individuals, volunteered by taking coupons to their friends and co-workers.Literally, it was humanity and empathy flowing in technopark.  It was one of a kind experience for prathidhwani.  There were many who expressed their solidarity , even though they were in customer location.Some technopark friends took coupons and they even took responsibility of collecting funds in entire organization as well.It was heart warming experience to see ocean of “human love” beyond borders, religion , language and all such identities.We sincerely hope, amount transferred will help some of the priorities in suffering Nepal.  Prathidhwani, takes this opportunity to thank all of the Technopark friends who contributed to “Help Nepal” campaign.We also like to appreciate “effort of  volunteers”, who associated with this fund collection.Let us work together to promote values of “world humanity”   in technopark and make this world a better place !.