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ICFOSS to hold a three-day workshop on ‘R’, from May 5 to 7

    Data Mining & Analytics with R
Three-day Hands-on Workshop on Data Modelling, Mining & Analytics 5-7 May 2015, Travancore Hall, Technopark, Trivandrum Overview R is today widely recognized as the world's most powerful statistical software environment. As a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), R has been developed and maintained by a community of passionate enthusiasts, who have also been developing modules for extending the capabilities of the base R package. The R Ecosystem is today capable of not only of the most sophisticated statistical analyses, but also is able to communicate with other software packages ranging from spreadsheets, graphing tools and typesetting tools such as LaTeX. Data Mining and Analytics is a mainstream business function today that employs some of the more sophisticated modelling, analysis and visualization techniques available. Once the domain of expensive proprietary tools, R and its associated tools are today capable of carrying out these at a fraction of the costs, in a more flexible and extensible manner when compared to proprietary tools. Besides, as a FOSS tool, R avoids the problems of vendor lock-in as well. Image removed. The Workshop The 3-day workshop will expose participants to basic and intermediate topics in the use of R in Data Mining, Analytics and Visualization. The programme is directed at students, teachers, researchers, and IT professionals. Participants are required to bring their laptops installed with R and the R packages for Data Mining as indicated in the Rattle home page under Install. It is also suggested that RStudio be installed. All this software is open source and freely available. Participants are also expected to be conversant with basic statistics. Resource Person The resource person for the 3-day Workshop is Dr Graham Williams, PhD, Data Scientist, Togaware and Australian Taxation Office; Adjunct Professor, Australian National University and University of Canberra, Australia; and International Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Williams is the author of the Rattle, the well­-known mining and analytics tool built on top of R, which will be featured in the workshop. Topics Covered The 3-day workshop will touch upon basics of installation and configuration of R, and will focus on data mining, data analytics, modelling and visualization. Rattle supports supervised and unsupervised analysis. Supervised analytic models can be used to identify fraud or predict future patterns of behaviour. Building such models is well supported by Rattle. Decision trees, radom forests, boosted trees, support vector machines, neural networks and generalised linear models are all supported out of the box. Models can be visualised using the different tools available in R. Data can be transformed into the shapes required for modelling. The performance of models can be graphically presented. Rattle also supports the scoring of new datasets and export of models as PMML for deployment in the Cloud. Plse see the Program Schedule tab for specific topics covered. Fees Fees for the 3-day workshop (inclusive of lunch and tea) is as follows: Students: Rs. 1,700 (Inclusive of tax) Others: Rs. 3,400 (Inclusive of tax) Seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Please register using the Registration tab on the top of this page. For any enquiries, kindly contact Hasiya by email ( or phone (+91 471 2700012).