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How can the Technopark Employees help Nepal?

How can the Technopark Employees help Nepal ?  As we have heard, a devastating earthquake shook Nepal, leaving over 10,000 people dead in what is believed to be the most severe earthquake in this century. Homes were destroyed, lives lost and entire villages were flattened across many districts. The Mountain Nation which was already troubled by various internal issues is now finding it difficult to cope up with this crisis - food,shelter are at a premium now. India, close neighbor is helping out in all possible means and ways. The International community is also helping out in various ways.   Image removed.Prathidhwani, socio-cultural organisation of technopark employees is planning to extend it's little hands of help as well.We believe it is our duty rather than charity to declare solidarity to world humanity. Prathidhwani is planning to conduct an open meeting to discuss and decide how the employees of Technopark can help. We welcome employees to come up with more ideas and organize the event. Please be part of the open meeting to discuss about ' How Technopark Employees can help Nepal ? Venue : Amphi Theatre  Date and Time : 4th May 2015 @ 05:30pm