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Grand welcome to ‘Technopark – Punalur– Mundakkayam’ bus at Technopark on FRIDAY ( 27th March 2015) at 5pm by Prathidhwani

Grand welcome to ‘Technopark – Punalur– Mundakkayam’ bus at Technopark on FRIDAY ( 27th March 2015) at 5pm by Prathidhwani   As you may be aware already, the new Low floor KSRTC A/C Volvo bus for ‘Technopark – Ayur- Anchal – Punalur – Pathanamthitta – Mundakkayam’ route started service from FRIDAY onwards. KSRTC has granted the new service for ‘Technopark – Ayur- Punalur – Pathanamthitta – Mundakkayam’ route considering the request made by Prathidhwani representing each of you. The memorandum consisted of 125 signatures of employees in the above route. Heartfelt thanks to KSRTC MD Antony Chacko, KSRTC Zonal Manager Sharath and KSRTEA union officials for paying attention to our request and granting a new service.   Sri M Vasudevan- Senior Manager – Technopark, Sri Sharath, Zonal Manager, KSRTC and Vasanth Varada, BDM Technopark and KSRTEA representatives attended the ceremony. Sri M Vasudevan & Sri Sharath together flagged off the first journey of Bus. The bus was house full for the first journey.Bijumon ( President, Prathidhwani) presided the small function, Raneesh (Treasurer, Prathidhwani ) welcomed the chief guests and passengers & Anjitha ( Convenor, Prathidhwani KSRTC passenger’s forum) delivered vote of thanks. Image removed. Sri Sharath (Zonal Manager, KSRTC ) promised full support for all genuine demands by Prathidhwani and he told he is ready to give KSRTC buses including Low floor A/C Volvo bus for Trips and company outings.   Prathidhwani’s another request was also considered at the same venue and he said that he will make arrangements to pass the Chirayinkeezhu stay bus through Technopark campus from Monday ( 30th March 2015) onwards.   Our request was to re-route the Chirayinkeezhu stay bus to pass through Technopark which is currently going thruogh Karyavattom- Kazhakoottam – Chirayinkeezhu. The bus starts at 9:45pm from Thampanoor and it will reach Kazhakoottam around 10:15pm. Lots of Non IT staffs ( Cleaning staffs, securities, labours in restaurants etc) appealed Prathidhwani to give representation for this, as 10pm is time of shift change. Now the Non IT staffs are catching the same bus from Kazhakoottam and they have to walk upto Kazhakoottam stop. Another requests from Prathidhwani to KSRTC are • Daily Super-Fast service to Pathanamthitta from Technopark via Ayur- Punalur • A Weekend KSRTC bus to Muvattupuzha via Thodupuzha – Pala • Buses to Technopark from all Bus stations like Nedumangad, Palode, Neyyattinkara, Thampanoor, Peroorkkada, Vellanad on Morning and Evening. The buses need to reach 9am in Technopark and return trip has to start from technopark around 05:30pm   Sincere thanks from Prathidhwani to all those who were part and supported us in KSRTC initiates and those who turned up for flag off ceremony of ‘Technopark – Punalur– Mundakkayam’ bus at Technopark.   Image removed.Image removed.Image removed.Image removed.