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Bus day on 20th February for ‘healthy public transport for public health.’

BUS DAY has been planned for 20th day of February 2015 .On that day we request you to leave your personal vehicles behind and JUST TAKE THE BUS to commute! What is Bus Day? It is a daylong event promoting Public Transport in the city of Trivandrum on February 20th, 2015. It is an event calling all the citizens of Trivandrum to use Public Transport on 2015 Feb 20th for all their getting about in the city. What is so special about Bus Day? The idea behind Bus Day is to observe the changes which can be brought in the city in trying to respect · Environment · Traffic Situation · Health of individuals · Perception What should be done on Bus day? We should not use our private vehicle for one day. We use public transport, walk a little more, and tolerate waiting time. Who are the people participating in Bus Day? It is an event for all citizens of Trivandrum. In other words all the individuals, companies, govt organizations, auto rickshaws, police... and everyone who lives in Trivandrum and feels responsible for the environment of the city. What is the responsibility of these participants? Everyone has to either use or help others to use public transport. · As an individual we should not use our cars for the day, and only use public transport. Companies should permit all employees to come to the office by bus; Auto Rickshaws should take (hopefully) fair fare; the Traffic Police should take care of pedestrians on the day. How can "Bus Day" be a success? Bus Day will be success if we feel that roads are not congested....that the air is fresh..that there is less honking... If we can see a change in the traffic around us....if we cannot see the smoke rings around street lights in the night....if we can see winter fog instead of pollution fog ...if,in the night sky, we can see the stars clear and bright. Image removed. Re-enacting the first bus trip, after 77 years

The launch of the first public road transport service on February 20, 1938, in the erstwhile Travancore will be recreated after 77 years on Friday, from East Fort to Kowdiar Square and back in a double-decker bus.

The bus will be flagged off by Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) CMD Antony Chacko at 11 a.m. as part of the ‘Bus Day’ celebrations by the Kerala State Road Transport Employees’ Association (KSRTEA) with the theme ‘healthy public transport for public health.’

Sree Chithira Tirunal, the then ruler of Travancore, inaugurated the service 77 years ago. He, along with Col. Goda Varma Raja and other members of the ruling family, were among the passengers. E.G. Salter, Assistant Operating Superintendent of London Passenger Board, drove the bus.

A fleet of 33 buses and a huge crowd joined the celebrations as the bus moved on. The first bus was operated from Thiruvanantapuram to Kanyakumari on February 21, 1938.