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Let us join hands for maintaining a plastic-free and eco-friendly campus

The Technopark authorities have observed that vinyl flex and plastic materials are being widely used for advertisements and publicity purposes within the Technopark campus. These banners are mostly found to be set up on lamp posts and near roundabouts for the purpose of branding. A circular has been issued with effect from 19th January, 2015 which prohibits the use of vinyl flex/plastic banners inside the Technopark campus. If your team has erected any such banner inside the Technopark campus, we urge you to remove this before 19th January. Image removed. Prathidhwani has urged to ban vinyl flex in our technopark campus before two years and has been campaigning against vinyl flex materials by using cloth banners in Prathidhwani programs to set an example. We, Prathidhwani, wholeheartedly welcome  technopark's decision and Let us join hands for making a plastic-free and eco-friendly campus.