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Technopark celebrated science - Grand felicitation for 'Team Mangalyaan'

Image removed. It was indeed a grand day for all in Technopark. Prathidhwani, a socio-cultural organization of Technopark employees,felicitated VSSC ‘s team of scientists who were a vital part of Mars Orbit  Mission(MOM), also known as Mangalyaan.The Felicitation event was a grand ceremony held at Park Center, Technopark on 30th of Oct. 2014.  Sri. Chandradathan, director of VSSC was  the Chief Guest. Team of scientists were also present in dias. Mangalyan is a significant milestone for our country and it is a momentous marker of excellence as we are the first to succeed a Mars mission in the maiden attempt. The event was organized in Technopark, a place of excellence in technology, to felicitate and celebrate the success of this mission and to celebrate science. The felicitation ceremony was presided over by  the Distinguished Technocrat – Shri.  Suresh Kodoor,  ( Vice president, Mcfadyen & active member of Prathidhwani ). Shri Suresh on his presidential speech expressed concern on “scientists going behind superstitions” as a social problem. The welcome speech was delivered by Sivasankar A. The ceremony was inaugurated and the esteemed scientists were felicitated by Sri.M Vasudevan ( Senior Manager, Technopark). The vote of thanks was delivered by Sri. Anoop Varghese Kuriappuram. In the key note speech, Sri. Chandradathan, spoke about the complex rocket science and work culture of ISRO and VSSC. He also talked about how complex it was to design the LAM engine and the rigorous and diligent process by which each and every unit was designed and implemented. He also urged us to follow our passion and to do the work we love. In his own words, "If you love your work, you need not work anymore as you would be enjoying it.". He also remembered vision of great institution builder. Late.Mr. Vikram Sarabhai. The felicitation ceremony was followed by a seminar on the topic, "Mars and Myth" by Shri Vaisakhan Thampi ( Senior   Research Fellow, CSIR – NIIST). The seminar was very informative and aided in inculcating a  scientific temper in  Technopark.   Image removed. Image removed. Image removed.