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Samraksha – Jail food products - Inauguration on 27th Oct@ technopark

Samraksha – Jail food products - Inauguration on 27th Oct 2014 @5:30pm @ technopark Inauguration Details: Date & Time : Monday, 27th October 2014 @05:30pm Place  : Technopark, Near by NILA back gate ( Nearby California Gate). Chief Guests : Sri M A Vaheed MLA Sri. Rajeev ( Managing Director TOURFED) The Samraksha counter was announced in technopark two months back and inauguration was pending. Prathidhwani had submitted requests for Jail Authorities and home minister for this counter. And we followed up with  TOURFED continuously for avoiding obstacles & delay in opening this counter in Technopark. Sincere thanks to authorities from prathidhwani on behalf of all employees of technopark for hearing our request. Under the initiative a packet containing five chapatis and chicken curry will be available for price of Rs 30/-. A packet of five chapatis with egg curry will cost Rs 22/- and that with vegetable curry will Rs 20/-. A packet of 10 chapatis will cost Rs 20/-.  Food will be available from Monday ( 27th October ) 05:30pm onwards. The food packets with above prices can be bought through the outlet opening tomorrow in technopark. The outlets will be managed by state tourism cooperative federation. In technopark the Samraksha counter is nearby NILA back gate ( Nearby California Gate). Prathidhwani request all employees of technopark to avail the facility and we invite everyone to NILA rear gate on 27th Oct 2014 at 05:30pm. Image removed.  Please see below the follow ups and requests given for this counter Samraksha Announcement Please see the request given by Prathidhwani to Jail Authorities for Jail products Please see the request raised by Prathidhwani to Home Minister Sri. Ramesh Chennithala during his visit to technopark Image removed.Image removed.     Image removed.