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Samraksha - providing quality food at low price @ technopark

Samraksha - providing quality food at low price @ technopark Image removed.  The prisons department on Saturday launched their Samraksha initiative, which aims at providing quality food at low price. The initiative, which is being launched in the city on experimental basis, would be expanded to other cities also after assessing its success, according to prison authorities. Under the initiative a packet containing five chapatis and chicken curry will be available for price of Rs 30/-, which was priced Rs 35/- before. A packet of five chapatis with egg curry will cost Rs 22/- and that with vegetable curry will Rs 20/-. A packet of 10 chapatis will cost Rs 20/-. The food packets with new reduced prices can be bought through the outlets of the department at Technopark. The outlets will be managed by state tourism cooperative federation. In technopark the Samraksha counter is nearby NILA back gate ( Nearby California Gate).  It’s a pending request from Prathidhwani and Prathidhwnai had submitted requests to Jail authorities and home minister earlier for this. Special thanks from Prathidhwani on behalf of all employees to authorities for starting this Samraksha counter inside technopark. Image removed. Please see the request given by Prathidhwani to Jail Authorities for Jail products Please see the request raised by Prathidhwani to Home Minister Sri. Ramesh Chennithala during his visit to technopark