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Vava Suresh gifted ‘King Cobra’

Image removed. ‘King Cobra’ is an apt name for a mobile application meant exclusively for the services of snake-catcher Vava Suresh whose number is on the speed-dial list of anyone who finds their home or premises frequently visited by the creatures. Developed by Sparknova Pvt. Ltd., a young firm functioning out Thejaswini building at Technopark, the android application was launched by Technopark Senior Business Development Manager M. Vasudevan here on Monday. The inauguration was attended by Vava Suresh himself, representative of his fans’ association, and members of the Sparknova team that developed ‘King Cobra.’ The application, they say, will prove highly useful to both the snake-catcher and those who find themselves in dire need of his services. The brainchild of Richin R. Chandran and Rohit, of Sparknova, the idea came to being as they dwelled on the possibilities of technology enabling Mr. Suresh’s service. It can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. The application traces the shortest distance between Vava Suresh and the building where there is a snake alert, using Google Maps, making it easy for the snake catcher to reach the destination faster. The application also prioritises the users’ need to reach a message or alert to Mr. Suresh. A message including a picture of the snake can be sent to him using this app. An advertising bar has also been included and the revenue generated from this will be used to fund the activities of Mr. Suresh. Users will also be able to call the snake catcher through this application. The app’s Playstore page has already garnered generally positive reviews including suggestions on including the Malayalam language option.