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ATM Fraud: Techie Lost Rs. 80,000 from SBI Account

July 23, 2014:  A Technopark employee having account in SBI Technopark Branch, Kazhakuttom, lost her hard-earned money in an ATM fraud.  Trivandrum-based Rohini S Pillai only realized that she lost Rs. 80, 000 after getting SMS alerts following the fraud withdrawal from an ATM counter in Maharashtra through six transactions. She immediately contacted the bank’s customer support and blocked the ATM card.  The card was never lost or she has never shared the pin number with anyone.  She never used this card for any online transactions and she is sure, she never shared her account number or any bank details with anyone. Image removed. Ironically, the bank, SBI Technopark, Kazhakuttom branch, is trying to blame the customer for the loss of money.  While the bank has the visuals of a man withdrawing money from an ATM machine in Khargar, Maharashtra, they have not taken any action to trace the culprit. Rohini explains her plight to, “I gave a written complaint to the concerned SBI branch and reported the crime to the local police station on the same day. As a further proceeding, I have given the copy of FIR filed in the local police station to the SBI branch in Technopark” “I was keeping the ATM card with the belief that keeping it safe and having a secret password will keep my money safe in the bank, but now the situation made me thinking in a negative way. Recently, when I talked to the concerned manager, he was trying to put the blame on me. He was saying that I may have passed the card and pin details through mail to some fraud sites. It was informed that the complaint is passed to the higher authorities for resolution. It is very unfortunate that it has been more than 3 months since the complaint is registered and I did not get any positive response from the banking authority on reimbursement of the money that I have lost.”  Rohini Said to   Courtesy :