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Decisions of Review Meeting of Prepaid Auto counter in Park center, Technopark

Review Meeting of Prepaid Auto counter in Malabar Hall, Park center, Technopark on 16th July 2014 @05:30pm   Attendees Sri. Prathapan R , DySP , Attingal Sri. Shibu Kumar, Circle Inspector of Police, Kazhakoottam Sri. Sreejith , Sub Inspector of Police, Kazhakoottam Auto drivers representatives , Prathidhwani representatives & Employees. Image removed. Prathidhwani representatives communicated improvement suggestions in the meeting.  Also some employees speak about their experiences. Meeting decisions and points 1.Existing auto fares will be reviewed by RTO. CI of police will discuss with the RTO and fix the return charge percentage. 2.A complaint box will be placed infront of prepaid auto counter and complaints will be addressed on a daily basis by police. Also employees can complaint about prepaid auto counter at Police Aid Post 3. Prepaid autos running in prepaid auto counter will be given specific identification number, so that tracking will be easy. 4. Review meeting will be held by police regularly once in two months. Issues /complaints will be discussed and will be sorted out in these meetings 5. Employees can avail the prepaid auto facility from technopark buildings, autos will be come and pick employees once they call to counter. ( Phone : 0471-2700222, Extn : 285 ) 6. Decided to fix auto fares for more places with help of technopark employees, auto drivers and police personnel 7. Auto drivers raised a concern that sometimes  people travelling more than the distance billed is refusing to pay for the extra distance covered. DYSP told that auto drivers shall collect the fare if the extra distance is more than 500 meter. 8. Differences in fare between city and rural areas need not be compared as an auto driver who is travelling from prepaid counter to city is not permitted carry a passenger back from city limits. 9. Meeting condemned deliberate efforts and biased reporting from some section of media  to malign this initiative. 10. Bank account should be started and all transactions are to be done using the account and regular auditing is to be performed. 11. Counter will be working only from Monday to Saturday and will remain closed on Sunday. 12. A committee, consist of POLICE, one rep from auto union & one prathidhwani representative will sit together to correct the mistakes shown in existing distance list in kms  between prepaid counter and travel destinations. Employees and auto drivers expressed their happiness about the working of prepaid auto counter despite the fact that some complaints are there. DySP said as this initiative is an initial stage,  there will be complaints from various corners and need to work together to sort out these complaints.  Auto drivers said that they are getting more trips after starting the prepaid counter, but now for running  1000 rupees they need to fill diesel for 400, earlier for 1000, it was fuel for 300" . Prathidhwani Representatives  told – let us make this counter a Model and complaint free counter. Improvement suggestions submitted