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Expressions, the arts club of NEST, has come up with a football World Cup tribute song

Expressions, the arts club of Nest Technologies, has come up with a football World Cup tribute song

The FIFA World Cup, now in its final stages in Brazil, has become a tournament where dreams are made and hopes are dashed – prime material for the hundreds of tribute songs that are being made by football fans. One of the latest is ‘The Ball of Dreams’, a five-minute song made by a bunch of techies, all of them members of Expressions, the newly-launched arts club of Nest Technologies in Technopark. The song, accompanied by footage of football matches from across the world, was released on YouTube last week. Image removed. “It’s a song that encompasses different aspects of the beautiful game that is football. It talks of the passion, the aggression, victory, defeat and so on that football evokes. Football has the power to seduce and make dreams come true,” says techie Rajith V.P., who directed the project. A “die-hard” football fan, Rajith has been playing for the Nest football team for the past six years and has been its captain for the past two years. The song, a soft rock number in English, has been in the works for a couple of months now. “We had composed a theme song for the launch of Expressions back in April and had been looking for another project, when football fever set in. We thought we’d do a song in English rather than in Malayalam because we didn’t want it to sound like a parody. Also, given that just about every tribute song is in pop, we thought one in rock would be a refreshing change,” explains Rajith. While fellow techie Anu Anie Alex wrote the lyrics, colleagues, Harilal V.R. and Lijo composed the song. Harilal also sang the number and strummed the interesting classic guitar interludes. Stewart and Lijo handled the keyboard programming, while the techies bought in young Appu Bhattathiri to give a professional touch to the editing. “Everyone stepped up to the task and Anu’s contribution has to be specially mentioned because she doesn’t know much about football and yet came up with some stunning lyrics,” says Rajith. “The response has been very positive from our colleagues,” he adds. Even as the song continues to garner hits, the techies are already at work planning a video for Expressions’ theme song. Check out the song