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Update about state youth law commission sitting in technopark.

“ Prathidhwani, participated in sitting of state youth law commission and aired views of techies. Important points shared by prathidhwani were below.   1.       Job security and longevity of job is at  not good in technical field, government should recognize this section of IT employees by Opening a Welfare fund, pension scheme. 2.       There is high price for food in technopark – we requested for pujappura chappathi, indian coffee house and cafe kudumbashree as a corrective measure 3.       There needs to be a supply co super market, Neethi Medical store, ESI dispensary and Haritha Mobile unit 4.       Transportation options should be enhanced like routing more KSRTC services and increasing frequency of technopark express. 5.       Ladies  hostels are operating without much facilities, there need to be ladies hostel here 6.       Creche and Old Age people’s day care also is essential as it will reduce stress of employees. 7.       There need to be a waste processing plant to process waste/ Image removed. Prathidhwani handed over the list of demands and concerns to state youth commission. Representing prathidhwani, Rajeev Krishnan (secretary) and Anoop Varghese kuriappuram ( Exec- Member) participated in meeting.   List of demands can be found here List of general concerns can be found here