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Technopark Employees Attacked Near Nila Gate

Image removed. Technopark employees got attacked by local goons near Nila back gate today.  Two techies were severely beaten by five local goons near the nila back gate tea shop. This incident happened when the techies questioned the rash driving of a vehicle while they were standing there. the guys in the vehicle came with some more people and started beating the techies and fled the spot.  “they came in a white Tavera cab, registration number KL22D3372 ” – a witness said. This incident happened within 24 hours after inauguration of police aid post in technopark.  the new police aid post aim for security coverage of campus, as well as sweeping out the crime and criminals around the campus. “All crimes and criminals will be treated with zero tolerence” – said by Hon. Home minister yesterday.  “If the victims lodge a complaint, police will take strict and  immediate actions” – said by SP to TPT. Some techies recorded the incident in a video, and put on youtube. with the help of this video, police can easily identity the culprits. we request authorities to take strong actions against this incident, and ensure the safety of techies and make technopark and its surrounding areas are safe for people to work and live. Prathidhwani Team met Kazakuttam CI and discussed regarding our concern on this issue and he ensured us that strict action will be taken against the culprits, but as of now no complaint has been registered but the Police will seriously look in this matter and ensure that the safety of Technopark Employees.He also ensured that from today onwards 2 police constable will be assigned for duty near the Claifornia gate. Courtesy : Technoparktoday