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Sapling distribution & Tree planting @Technopark – On Environment day - 5th June 2014

  We live in times of eco catastrophes, from Tsunami to Global warming, from Uttarakhad floods to Earthquakes. Nature has served us with numerous warnings, to stop our greedy exploitative ways. Now, It is time for us to act on this warnings.   In an era, when people are going behind “go green” concept just to promote their brand value, We- the technopark employee community need to show the credible differentiation .   “Global warming, tree is the answer” is the famous quote by former kerala forest minister Sri Binoy Viswom. Evidently, One of the action we can do is to plant a tree. Planting a tree does not end with planting day, It needs water, little fertilisers and it should be guarded against stray animals and human activity. When the tree grows, the emotional bond of human with tree also grows. The joy, that can be derived from this activity is unparallel.   To such an opportunity, we – prathidhwani, invite you.   We are arranging a sapling distribution to the pre-registered people on environment day – June 5th. We want you to take it a serious thought, if you have space to plant and you can dedicate little attention before you collect one sapling. Remember, it is a gift that you are giving to future generations and society!! Kindly register in below link to be part of this initiative. Image removed.     As a token initiative, Prathidhwani also will be planting 10 trees in campus. Earth is badly in need of help, it does not require mere slogans, it needs sustained actions. There are many things you can do such as taking a rain pit, avoiding plastic and using public transport to further pursue your commitment to earth.   Thanks !   Best Regards,   Team Prathidhwani   “Sign in to greener days ahead….Gift a sapling to nature”