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Harsh treatment for employees again from Leela Infopark administration
Please read the complaint by employees working in Leela Infopark against   Leela Infopark administration "" On (March 28 ,2014) at around 10 :30 AM there was large amount of combustion exhaust coming inside into the the Neologix  office  ( a company working in Leela Infopark )from a leaky exhaust duct from the backyard of the the building. The smoke was from a generator inside what it  look like a indoor Substation and note that this is the second incident in a few months. Employees  felt suffocation with the fast spreading smoke in the centralized AC and all others too. We thought it  would be from Server room fire at first. Sooner  went to report it to the security at the main entrance and on the way some employees went to the generator operator to ask to suppress the smoke. Due to the gravity of the problem and considering it is the second  time  this happening  , employees  went to complaint to Sreedevi at the Leela office, in the same building but failed to see  her there at that time ,but on the return talked to the same security and  beside him there was Mr. Udayan sitting .The talk went into heated arguments . Employees  never touched them in a way to insult or hurt them and never called them names , but in return they behaved insolently ,like breaking  one employee's ( Pinto's)  tag , pushing him and even tried to detain him .They behaved to employees like  culprits and tried to suppress  .There was a tone of threat in their voice . "" Image removed. Lot of complaints are coming up against the Leela Infopark administration.  Its high time for government or park centre to intervene in this harsh and threatening administration.   Please read below news too     Thanks and regards