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An International Woman’s Week happening Technopark sans Real Events.

Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram is celebrating women’s week from march 3 to march 8th .There are routine events such as debates, talk shows, panel discussions and what not!. UN is celebrating the women’s day  in  2014 with theme of  "Equality for Women is Progress for All". All companies and technopark itself in association with various organizations are celebrating this week, with celebrations culminating on March 8th – International women’s day. While appreciating the fervor of celebrations, I sincerely wish something more could have been done. Image removed. Nirbhaya incident in delhi, which shook conscience of many  was not just a law and system failure but failure of public transportation as well. Victims of the lack of reliable and safe public transportation is usually women. They are deprived of safety or flexibility to work.Many of the feminist’s does not recognize this aspect .Technopark Express, flagship public transportation vehicle of technopark is long due for expansion. We should not  forget that, a women techie- was raped and murdered by a private cabby in mumbai in recent days. Expansion of tech express and starting a new circular route  is proposed multiple times by Prathidhwani – a Socio cultural organisation of employees of technopark. Another prominent demand is that of a permanent police aid post and permanent patrol vehicle for technopark area. Government ad’s says that Nibhaya, a central govt funded program is capable of offerring crores of rupees to the states towards women security programs. Is it not enough long wait, to start a police aid post?  Which bureaucratic red tape is preventing this essential demand? There were incidents of attack on women in back gate and front gate. Technopark and civil authorities should not brush aside these as isolated incidents. If some untoward incident happens in technopark, we cannot not help but blame it on authorities , for unacceptable inaction on pragmatic suggestions of employees. Image removed. Last year after Delhi incident Prathidhwani  conducted survey " How safe are we"  inside technopark. Based on survey comments we consolidated the demands and submitted request to all concerned authorities.  Asianet NEWS video clipping of Candle light protest by Prathidhwani to 'STOP Violence against women' How safe are we - Survey Signature Campaign on suggestions It looks our continuous efforts and unrest follow up needed to implement these genuine demands by technopark employees.