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Thanks Southern railway for granting 7 new stops for Kazhakoottam

Prathidhwani thank Southern railway on behalf of all technopark employees for recognizing our efforts and granting 7 new stops for Kazhakoottam railway station!!! Image removed. Prathidhwani, a Socio-cultural organization of Technopark was formed by a group of employees in April 2012 to represent the employees and spearhead many events and campaigns for social causes. Qisa – a short film festival is yet another event organized by Prathidhwani since 2012 to showcase the talents of budding film makers’ inside Technopark. As part of Qisa 2013, the members of Prathidhwani decided to produce a short film based on one of the pressing problems faced by the employees of Technopark – the sadly ignored and development deprived state of Kazhakootam Railway Station. Prathidhwani has been pursuing the matter for quite some time, requesting more stops for kazhakootam railway station and had even initiated campaigns and submitted requests to MP, MLA and Railway authorities with more than 5000 signatures of employees working in Technopark. This led to the making of "Liberators", a shortfilm that exclusively cites Kazhakkoottam Railway Station's development deprived state. This film conveys how this affects the lives of people who travel to and from Kazhakkoottam. Members of Prathidhwani formed the cast and crew of the movie. Inputs were also collected from "Jankeeya Samithi", formed by the people of Kazhakootam who have been working on the same issue for the last many years. This film was screened at Qisa Short film festival (Qisa 2013) conducted on 2013 Dec 14th in Technopark and again on 2013 Dec-19 in Park's Open air theatre and attained rave reviews. The film became a huge hit in youtube with more than 5000 views and all Medias reported the train stop issue in detail. Special thanks to medias Kerala Kaumudi, Malayala Manorama, Manorama News, The Hindu, The New Indian Express and Technopark Today for high lighting the short film and train stop issue in detail. We, Prathidhwani believe our campaigns and short film helped to draw more attention to this kazhakoottam stop issue. Prathidhwani sincerely thank Southern Railway, Jankeeya Samithi and all those who supported us for our small contribution towards this issue. We appeal to the employees and residents of Kazhakootam to utilize the allowed stops properly by giving good publicity and at the same time we should untidily continue our campaign for more train stops for trains like Intercity, JanShadabdi, Maveli etc. Please see the updated train timings from Kazhakoottam Railway Station Image removed.   Also, see the news came in different media’s regarding the train stop decision.   Thanks & Regards,   Prathidhwani, Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark