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Oracle Sued For Unlawful Firing Over Salary Discrimination To Indian.

Image removed.Oracle, the world’s second largest software maker was sued by a former employee, for unlawfully firing him after he objected to the company’s discriminatory wage policy, reports Bloomberg.

Ian Spandow, a former senior regional manager in the company’s database sales department claims that his services were terminated in retaliation, when he did not approve the practice of offering a lower pay to Indian employees.  According to the report, Spandow had sought approval to transfer an Oracle employee in India to their California office, back in September.  When Spandow requested for this employee to receive a salary equal to what the company paid to its Caucasians workers, he was asked by his senior to reduce the offer by a significant amount of $50,000 to $60,000. And when he showed his discontent he was told by his sales director that the offered pay “would be good enough for an Indian.” A notion that was even allegedly backed up by Oracle’s human resources manager who said, offering a lower salary was a fair practice.

Spandow, of Irish origin, has been with the company since 2005. In the suit he filed last week, he claims the software giant fired him illegitimately based on his nationality and was carried out in retaliation against him standing up for fair a treatment of all employees. And according to the complaint, he is seeking unspecified damages.