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Justice for Jisha: Will India unite for Kerala's Nirbhaya?


The student of Government Law College in Ernakulam was found dead inside her residence at Iravichira in Rayamangalam panchayat in Ernakulam last Thursday. According to autopsy report, intestines of the deceased had come out in the attack with a sharp object. There were 30 wounds on the victim's body, including two deep stab wounds on chest. She was found dead in a pool of blood at 8 p.m. by her mother when she reached home after her daily menial job. Though it was clear that the girl  was brutally raped and murdered, the police adopted  a cold approach in the initial stage of the investigation. The Perumbavoor incident has a lot of similarities with the "Nirbhaya" gang rape case which happened in New Delhi in 2012. Let Us Stand Together To get Justice for Jisha’s Family and Not To Repeat the Incidents Like This in Future