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Justice For Jisha - Silent rally and Candle Light Vigil Today @4pm from Amphitheatre


Prathidhwani, the socio-cultural Organisation of Technopark employees is conducting a silent rally today ( 2016 May 6th, Friday ) at 4pm to express the sincere concern over the recent harassments and rape incidents towards women in Kerala. The silent rally will start from Amphitheatre inside the Technopark at 4pm today and will march towards the main gate of Technopark through Nila. 


We, techies are not different from the common public outside the Technopark, all those incidents that has a direct impact over our society will impact us also. We are conducting this rally to affirm this point once again. As techie society is comprising of a major percentage of woman employees, we  have deep concern over increase in the violence and attacks to Ladies. 


We are demanding immediate and proper action on the recent Jisha incident and along with that we know the change has to be come in root levels in the society. Change has to come in the attitude of our society towards Women, especially when they are Poor, Helpless and Dalit. We need a basic awareness on how the harassment happens and how to remove this evil from our society...


So, Prathidhwani request all the Techies to join today's silent rally to confirm our solidarity to stop violence and harassment to Women.