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Open Discussion with Hon. Mayor Sri V K Prasanth On 2016 February 4th at 5pm at Park centre


Open Discussion with Honorable Mayor Sri V K Prasanth On 2016 February 4th at 5pm at Park centre Dear Friend, Prathidhwani, The Socio-Cultural Organization of Technopark Employees is organising an “Meet the Mayor” - Open Discussion with Honorable Mayor Sri V K Prasanth on 2016 February 4th, Thursday at Park centre Malabar Hall at 5pm. As all of you are aware Technopark is largest IT park in Asia. Currently around 50000 employees are working here and around 20-25% of them have purchased flats or houses and settled here in Kazhakuttam itself. The rest are staying as Paying guests or in Hostels. It is really sad to say that Kazhakuttam has not yet achieved the form of development that an IT City demands. We are pretty sure that Mayor from Kazhakoottam Sri V K Prasanth can do lot many things for the development of Kazhakuttam. This would be good opportunity for Technopark community to have an open session with honorable Mayor Sri V K Prasanth on 2016 February 4th on development of places near Technopark. Prathidhwani started “Meet the Mayor” campaign on 2015 November 25th,and has received the suggestions and demands from employees through our website, Facebook and WhatsApp. Consolidated suggestions will be handed over at “Meet the Mayor” venue. Providing street lights for all the roads inside & nearby Technopark, Proper maintenance work for the roads near by Technopark, Children’s park at Kazhakoottam, Developing foot paths for the pedestrians in the Technopark front gate Kazhakuttam & Technopark back gate - Karyavattom path, Developing an open air auditorium at Kazhakoottam for cultural activities, Providing more KSRTC bus services through Technopark, Constructing a bus terminal at Kazhakuttam, Hi tech bus stops in Kazhakoottam and Technopark , Strict actions against Moral Policing, Action on the issue of street dogs, Routine checkups on quality of food served in side Technopark and Kazhakoottam nearby hotels etc are the some identified suggestions. Prathidhwani will record and do the follow-up on the concerns and suggestion being raised by you. Prathidhwani invites all Technopark employees to participate in this program. Thanks & Regards, Team Prathidhwani Please do contact Mithun - 91-9947-09-12-36 for any queries.

These are the prioritized list of suggestion that we have received through different media regarding Kazhakutam development. · Street light and CCTV surveillance from Peninsular Honda to Technopark back gate along with Walkway/Footpath from Karyavattom – Technopark back gate road. · Smart bus shelter in Technopark Front gate,Infosys/UST global campuses,Kazhakuttam,Vetturoad with CCTV surveillance etc. · Police Patrolling: Proper police patrolling at specific intervals, especially at night to safe guards employees (especially women employees) while walking/going at odd hours. · Road repairing to the Technopark; a)Road at the rear gate (road from Kariavattom Church to Technopark Gate) b)Toyota Showroom to Kariavattom/Thrippadapuram. c) Arishammoodu Junction to Thrippadapuram. · More Train stops at Kazhakuttam railway station. · Take actions to reduce traffic flow at technopark main gate in by pass road. · Rename or name at least one road inside or outside by our late Honourable President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam · Solid waste/wastes is the main issues of different flats and houses (residential areas)around techno park proper waste disposal mechanism to be implemented. Besides pipe compost special waste treatment plant to be installed at proper locations in kazhakuttom. · Please do widening of roads and dividers from Kariavattom church to rear gate for the free flow of vehicles. · Dogs nuisance is too high around technopark and inside flat complex in some of the apartments.Please adhere proper remedy mechanism for this. · Why cant corporation run some day care center inside technopark (even though Kudumbasree running one center at Technopark)Note: If Mayor can intervene and provide more facilities to the existing enter including feeding facility, it will be good relief formothers who is having new born babies and who works in different companies across Technopark. · Car Parking: Car Parking is one of the main issue faced by employees of Technopark. So many new vehicles are coming to Technopark daily and very difficult to get parking inside techopark. Clean un used areas inside technpark or widen roads inside and outside technpark to get more space for parking even on the road sides. · Please make a good progress in Metro Rail work. · Focused initiatives to make city as bussiness friendly,faster approvals on certain sectors like IT. · Provide road passage from west of FCI to railway station under corporation ward 100,very useful to Pallithura, Thumba,Menamkulam residence,ISRO,Kinfra,BPCL,Colleges,School staffs etc. · Rename or name at least one road inside or outside Technopark as K.P. P Nambiar Road. Thanks Team Prathidhwani