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Film Making Workshop by Prathidhwani film club, Technopark on 2016 April 23rd, Saturday


After the stunning 4th edition of Qisa, Prathidhwani formed a film club inviting all film buffs inside the Technopark. Gear up for the first ever Film making workshop in Technopark on 23rd April 2016, Saturday, led by the experts, Plan B Infotainments!. Sessions are led by Sri Bilahari K Raj (AD Film maker, Online Film Critic), Sri.Sreeraj Raveendran (Cinematographer, Editor) & Sri. Vineeth Chakyar (Short film maker, Actor). The one day workshop includes discussion on world cinema and the kind of treatments used by different film makers.  Also, it will cover the aspects of film making from the basics (Scripting, Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design etc. in detail). Later, a practical session also will follow in which a short film will be shot and edited.


Date of the event: Saturday, April 23,2016

Venue: Malabar Hall, Park Center


Registration Fees: Rs.500/-


Building wise contact numbers for registration: - 


Thejaswini - Vinu(9495025021), 

Nila - Mathew(9633089569)

Amstor/Msquare - Reghu(8943277882)

UST campus - Kiran(9447314305)

Bhavani - Sajin(9846966647)/Rajeev(9446551193),

Leela - Ajith(9947806429),

Infosys - Abayadev(9895476385), Gokul(9946447601)

Gayathri - Amal(7736696402)

Quest/Chandragiri - Rajith(9947787841)

IBS Campus – Prashanth T V (9747148318)