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"Bye Bye Scrap, Buy Buy Grocery" - Clean Trivandrum offer by KADA.IN


In a significant step to improve the cleanliness of Thiruvananthapuram city homes, has initiated a refreshingly positive step: Go Clean India Offer. The company takes old newspaper, books and some types of plastic scrap and offers free groceries in return. Not only you can make your house clean without breaking much sweat, but you will get free groceries out of it as well. “Hygiene starts at home. A clean house leads to a clean street. A clean street leads to a clean city. A clean city leads to a clean state. And a clean state leads to a clean nation. That’s our motto”, team said. How can you take part? The offer needs active support from the citizens’ part. First one has to visit and submit the details of the kind of scrap and choose a date for collection after two days of submission. They have an own list of items that they receive: Generally they accept old newspaper, books and certain types of plastic scrap that can be re-used. Badly worn-out or chewed-up scrap is not accepted. Used plastic bottles, plastic covers, Milma cover, other plastic materials, newspapers, magazines, diaries, notebooks, and notebook binds are the things they accept. A few months ago, successfully launched the Kada Paper Money offer, in which customers exchanged the old newspaper for groceries. It is the first and biggest online grocery store in Kerala. It celebrated its third anniversary with orphanage kids. Go Clean India Offer is a path-breaking new initiative from to enhance the hygiene and cleanliness of Thiruvananthapuram city. Click below link to Register Now kada