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Prathidhwani Techie troll competition -2021

Techies Troll

The competition is  exclusively for IT Employees  across the globe with a theme related to "IT".

Those who are interested to participate in this contest, can post the troll under Prathidhwani Troll group named "Techie Trolls"

Group link:



  • Need to add "Prathidhwani Techie Troll logo" in your troll image.Logo will be available in the Troll group.Trolls without logo will not be approved.
  • The troll should not contain any personal criticism or abuse (name or picture of any specific person or institutions are not allowed)
  • Participant should use the hashtag #prathidhwaniTC2021 in the posts
  • Use of logo and watermarks of other troll groups are not allowed.
  • The troll should be the competitor’s own creation
  • The troll should be positive, secular and must follow gender neutrality.
  • No submission will be considered for competition after the deadline.
  • Winner should produce the proof of identity and Company details on demand by the admin panel.



Judgement criteria

  There will be 2 prizes

a) : Judges choice -Based on the judging panel's evaluation 

b) :  People's choice-Based on likes and positive comments grabbed by the post inside the troll group



Start date : Friday, 13th August 2021-People can start posting the trolls from friday onwards
Last date of submission : 31st August 2021
Like and comment calculation : Till 5th september 2021

The final decision shall be taken by the Prathidhwani admin panel and they have the right to amend the rules and regulation of the competition