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This is a great project initiated by Prathidhwani, to make this wonderful project a success. This is going to be a football tournament. But not just like the normal football team that has eleven players on the pitch, but a team with just 7 players playing in a smaller pitch with a smaller goal post. There will be 50 teams in this championship, kicking their way up to the finals. This project is schedule to kick off on the 25 of feb 2020

It's going to be an event hosted once in a year,
The first Season will be in Infopark kochi.

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Past Years

  • Technopark Trivandrum
  • Technopark Trivandrum
  • Technopark Trivandrum

Our Awards

  • Prathidhwani Sevens
    Mens Champion
  • Prathidhwani Sevens
    Womens Champion
  • Prathidhwani Sevens
    Runner Up Team
  • Prathidhwani Sevens
    Second Runner Up Team
  • Prathidhwani Sevens
    Team of the Year 2020


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